Working on Tower Clickers

2016-08-20 20:29:09 by GSquadron

Hi all,

I have stopped developing other games to focus on an upcoming game called Tower Clickers.

The game will be a combination of tower defense + clicker game.

You can upgrade towers by clicking on them, as well as buying them with coins.

Same goes for the heroes in the game.

Some art related to the game:

5461875_147173934841_gsquadron_arrow-tower.png 5461875_147173934872_gsquadron_sword-redesign.png 5461875_147173934722_gsquadron_sword.png



As well as the game map I drew today:


You can check its development on the forums:


Or follow me on twitter/facebook for all updates on the game.


Thank you for reading! :D